392 - Bluefunk-Page-Up–May-Go-Ruby

I knocked out a quick Bluefunk webpage: http://bluefunk.sf.net. It’s quite nice, though the background blue colour is a little funky.

The main problem that is preventing a 0.1 release is that the Gst-sharp bindings as of current SVN appear to be broken and not compiling. This is rather a major problem for a music player. It might be something to do with gtk-sharp 1.9.1 as the compilation dies with a GLib bindings error. The bindings appear not to have been updated for a while, at least on the tree I’m pulling from.

If anyone knows any news about the status of the Gst-sharp bindings, I’d be most interested.

The upshot of this is, however, that I’m considering moving Bluefunk to a new language: one that has better Gst bindings. Also, I want to learn either Ruby or Python. These both have Gtk and Gst bindings with them, which appear to be under fairly active development. I’m not sure whether I will move, I like C# and there’s quite a body of code now. Maybe the temptation to Learn More Languages, however, will be too great for my weak-willed soul…

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