395 - My-GA–8217-s-GP–8217-s-TSSs

I’m sure that, after writing this rant, I’ll be caught out next post. Still, I try my best.

Over the past month I’ve been revising for exams. Whilst reading, I’ve noticed a tendency to be liberal in applying the humble apostrophe to plurals.

The worst culprits are the subjects for which there are many acronyms and abbreviations. This seems to be a veritable minefield. There are innumerable CA’s, GP’s, GA’s, TSS’s and many other examples.

The amount of things that are owned by these entities and programming paradigms is amazing. Many have ownership over the words and, or, have and so on. The inconsistency is also surprising — even within the same slide or page! Occasionally this results in “CAs certificate”-style disagreements between objects and subjects.

Please, people of the world, unite against the 1970’s, CA’s, GA’s, GP’s…

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