403 - Mono–Bluefunk–Plugins-and-a-Mystery-Project

I downloaded and have now installed Mono 1.1.4 — the recommended development version. I’ve also got the newest gtk# installed. In combination the two allowed me to compile and install the svn version of gst# (finally). What this means is that I now have a cutting edge Mono stack, pretty much.

I have a rather messed up stack too, however: some of my stuff is from tarballs, the rest from Portage (Gentoo’s package manager). I think my best bet is to remove and Portage Mono packages and build all my Mono stuff from tarballs. I generally like to have Mono very up to date — far beyond what Portage has — so this seems like a good idea.

I spent some time hacking on Bluefunk today. Firstly I had to get it working with new Mono. That took a while, and required the upgrade to gtk#. There is a new bug at track ends where Bluefunk freezes up. I’m going to try and track that down over the next week.

In addition, I’m starting with the plugin system. I’ve moved most of the sources over to their own objects descending from a common abstract class. This makes the main playlist window code simpler because it only has to contain code for the playlist, plus some glue code for the source objects. The next step is to build the plugin manager itself and to split the sources out into separate code bases. This should make the core code more manageable.

Over the weekend I’m hoping to start hacking on my university project. This should be interesting. Code will be available here as I progress — any feedback people provide during the project progress is most valuable. I’m hoping the code will be GPL, however I won’t be able to accept additional devs or patches until the project is over, for obvious reasons; I don’t think the university would look favourably upon my project having contributions from others! More news on this when I have some working code to show.

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