410 - Duckin–8217–and-Divin–8217-

Feedfunk is nearly functionally complete — or at least as complete as I want it to be for my project. I’m soon going to start work on bits of Backpack page, and watch as I cross bugs and tasks out.

I am also progressing through my thesis — up to about 35 pages at the last count — which is coming on nicely. I have a problem now because I’ve finished most of the things I consider interesting to write. This means that coding bits on Feedfunk is far more tempting than it should be, given that I still have plenty of thesis to do. I’ll do my best to resist the temptation.

It’s sunny here today so K and I will hopefully go and have a beer outside before the sun goes in. This evening I’m going to see Regina Spektor at the Louisiana; it should be good, I really like Ms. Spektor and didn’t think I would get to see her live!

Before beer comes some last minute hacking, so better get on with it!

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