414 - Thesis-Handed-In

I finally handed in my thesis on Wednesday (25th May), which was a great relief. It’s quite strange sitting here typing this and not feeling like I should really be working on the thesis. In the end, I was pretty happy with it — the time spent paid off and the final monstrosity was quite readable for a fifty-page document on machine learning and RSS feeds. A big thanks to all the people who helped me during the thesis.

Feedfunk, the program I wrote during my thesis, will be continuing development after a suitable break from it — I think I’ll be giving the coding side of it a rest. I still enjoy working on it, however, it was the thesis itself that was the stressful part. I’m using the program to read my feeds, and now should have time to fix the little niggles that were not needed for the purposes of the thesis. I also need to add autotools bits and bobs with it to make installation easier than it is now. I’m hoping to put it on SourceForge after that, making a 0.1 release around that time. It’s nice to use already, if I wasn’t writing my thesis around it I would probably have spent the time to make a release a month ago.

Aside from the joy of finally handing in the thesis, I’m pretty tired right now, so don’t expect any Bluefunk sudden coding spurts. I have done a few minor changes which do warrant a 0.3 release soon — added a fully C# notification area icon and fixed the playlist so it doesn’t get lost if Bluefunk crashes — so keep an eye out for that.

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