415 - Jobs–Jobs–Jobs

I’m working at HP again over the summer, which should be good. From October, I’ve accepted an offer from Nameless UK, a webby-type company (never quite sure how to describe web companies!). From the impression I got during my interviews, the people seem like they will be good to work with and the work itself should be interesting too. Looking forward to starting both jobs, a promising start to the summer!

I’m moving into a new house on July 1st, which is also exciting. I’ve been in my current house for going on two years now, so moving to a new one will be quite strange. On the other hand, I’ve been in student accomodation for four years now: it will be nice to have a non-student house. From what I recall, the place is pretty nice; big kitchen and a small garden with barbeque. It should be fun over the summer and beyond.

Finally, I get my degree results today, a more scary prospect. It’s going to be odd not to be a student any more. Keep your fingers crossed for me…

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