417 - Moving-House

We moved house at the beginning of the month; this is the first time I’ve lived away from home in a non-student house. So far it all seems pretty nice, aside from a couple of problems with light bulbs. We have the Internet set up with Telewest — the set up went very smoothly — but only a laptop online at the moment as we haven’t set up a network. Wireless network cards and router in en route to (hopefully) solve that problem.

I may post a couple of photos up at some point later this week, mainly to give people in my family a chance to see what it’s like — I doubt the other readers will care!

I’m also trying to write up a “What I like about Gnome 2.10” post currently. I’m writing this because I’ve seen a couple of things in Gnome 2.10 that I’ve been waiting for for a while. One of these things is that Nautilus asks whether you’d like to link or save a file when you drag it from a web browser to the desktop. I’ve found a couple of things so far, which doesn’t seem enough to merit a whole post. What I might do instead is write about all the things I like in Gnome, rather than just what I like that is new in 2.10.

I’m using Windows at work at the moment, so maybe I can use that experience to find things I prefer in Gnome. One big example is that I really like the nautilus thumbnailing in file windows than the far more clunky and flexible version in Windows Explorer. Still, I’m sure there are things Windows handles better too. I think the Windows taskbar handling is perhaps better, but there are things I don’t like with both for that!

Hopefully I’ll get a bit of time to finish writing the piece, the past few weeks have been rather busy with starting at HP and moving house. I should be more settled in on both counts soon, which will be pleasant.

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