419 - More-Bluefunk

I’ve changed the way sources are displayed in Bluefunk. I’ve moved them to a separate side-pane that can be shown or hidden. I changed this because I felt it was confusing to have the playlist and sources contained within the same container widget. This was both from a user point of view and a coding point of view as it added quite a few conditional checks to the code. I think this probably acts like in the new Totem, but I have only seen one screenshot so I cannot say for sure. It’s slightly annoying because I’ve been planning this change for at least a couple of months — I haven’t just copied Totem!

After using it for a day, it certainly feels more natural. I now need to check the code to make sure there are no lingering checks for which tab is active, as these will break in the new implementation. I also should really do some polish like having sources able to drag and drop to the playlist. However, it’s quite nicely usable as it stands, and is fixing some of the nastier code in Bluefunk. Two great wins, if I do say so myself!

I noticed I promised a 0.3 release sometime in May. Maybe this will actually be coming soon now ;)

Update I made the release; get it from the bluefunk homepage.

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