422 - Installing-Wireless-Network-Cards-in-XP

I’ve installed a few wireless network cards recently, and have one major recommendation for anyone else about to do the same thing: Never use the manufacturer’s software to manage the network connection.

Each card I’ve installed has a big sticker on the plastic bag containing the card saying “First install software from CD before inserting the card” in big, scary letters. Don’t give in! Be brave and rip open the bag, casting caution to the wind. Keep that CD away from the computer! You’ll benefit in the end.

Instead, insert the card and power on the computer. Windows will find the card and try to install a driver. At this point and not before, insert the CD and allow Windows to install drivers from it. This will bypass installing the manufacturer’s attempt at wireless network management software and allow you to use Windows’ own, far superior, tools for the job.

Invariably, the software that comes with your card will be a buggy, ugly, difficult to use and profoundly unreliable piece of rubbish. Save yourself stress and avoid it like the plague.

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