424 - Another-IE-Hole

I think the thing with holes in IE is that they tend to be fairly nasty. I know there are problems with Firefox, but they seem to be generally more difficult to exploit and often not so severe.

The new security issue which makes me mention this today can be summerised as “visit website, get infected with virus/spyware/bad things” (again). Hold on to your hats, one presumes that a fix will be issued soon so browsing the web using Internet Explorer won’t be a dangerous activity — until the next security problem is found.

Seriously, if I owned a computer using Windows, people wouldn’t be allowed to use Firefox at my parents’ house for this reason.

Apparently it’s less dangerous this time around because the attacker needs to host the webpage that you must visit to be infected. Which, presumably, is in reference to some problems last year where the attacker could quite happily not be in posession of the webpage you were viewing and yet still install bad things onto your computer.

No wonder people don’t like computers…

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