430 - 2005-Music--A-Correction

My girlfriend speaks:


**K:** ALL of these were mine:
**K:** 1. Nick Cave — a favourite of my girlfriend, she drew me into Nick Cave. It took a while for me to truly love the guy, but once you’re there, it’s great. Each song is a story, inventive and engaging and rewarding repeated listening as you see more depth in the lyrics each time. 2. The Cure — yes, many of the songs were familiar, but I’d never bought an album and taken time to listen to the songs. Far better than I imagined. 3. The Clash — I bought London Calling on a whim in Fopp and was surprised to find an album that was quite so plain enjoyable to listen to. And others I’ve found: DJ Shadow, Portishead. **K:** why not write a post….
**K:** my girlfriend, she’s so cool
**K:** so much cooler than me…..
**K:** a bloody veritable *******[1](#fn18d00906dfdf429cbb90786416b336ea-1) barometer of coolness!!!
**K:** what do you recon??
**K:** or alternatively…..
**K:** I am sooo henpecked???
**K:** lol
**K:** anyway….
**K:** you’re not there and I hope that no one is reading this off your desk
**K:** Mike wears grey y-fronts
**K:** ;_)

I vouch this is all true aside from the y-fronts portion — I have a variety of colours!! :)

1 insert f-stemmed word here.