432 - Those crazy Australians

There was a quote from an Australian on the radio today that, to me, epitomises their more easy going attitude to life than ours in England.

There has been a crocodile stolen from a wildlife park in Australia. In the UK, we would have a boring description of the audacity of the people who stole the crocodile, followed by information not to go near it if you happen to find it in your pond or wherever. In Australia, the quote went something like this:

What puzzles us is that the guys who took the croc had to hoist it over a couple of pretty high fences. To me, that means they’re either very brave or very foolish. We don’t know yet, however, because we’ve yet to catch them.

Nothing about the general badness of stealing, just wondering how they managed to get the crocodile over the fences without it biting their heads off, and the implication that the main result of catching the theives would be the opportunity to work out whether they were just a bit wacko.

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