434 - Some-Album-Listening-Thoughts

I’ve been trying out some albums recently.

Things I’m Currently Trying Out

At the moment I’m listening to a “Best of David Bowie (’69-’74)” album. My mother bought me it when I was sixteen, or sometime around that age, and I didn’t really like it that much back then. So I thought I’d pull it out now and give it another go. So far, I’m liking it much better than I did then.

You Could Have it so Much BetterFranz Ferdinand

I admit that I have a soft spot for Franz Ferdinand. I’ve seen them live a couple of times now, both times at the Lowlands festival. The first year I enjoyed their show, but it seemed a little stilted at times. The second year, I wasn’t really thinking of going, but K quite wanted to, so we checked it out. The show was better the second time, with FF seeming to enjoy playing much more. They played one song from their new album, however, that I wasn’t too impressed with. Therefore I didn’t really bother listening to the album when it came out. I recently started to listen to it and was pleasantly surprised. In my opinion it has a fuller sound than the first album, and some catchy riffs that make it worth checking out.

An Album By The Mystery Jets

I got hold of this album as I was curious because I kept hearing their name around the place. It was a disappointment, however, and not really worth the listen I gave it. Pass this one by. Update: I only listened to the first couple of tracks of the album and so will try out the rest before passing judgement, only seems fair.

First Impressions of EarthThe Strokes

Sometimes I feel like a listen to one of the Strokes’ albums. Very samey, but quite fun, a little bit of a guilty pleasure I guess. I quite liked the first single from this, their new album. The album itself, however, I found disappointing. There are a couple of other tracks worth a listen, but the majority don’t even measure up to the Strokes generally samey sound. Not one I’ll be listening to in full any more, and I’ve a feeling that I won’t be pulling out the couple of good tracks for many more listenings either.

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