440 - SiteAdvisor-Bought

Interestingly, the SiteAdvisor service and browser plugin that I mentioned a few months ago has been bought by McAfee. I still have their plugin installed, because I believe it is a necessary plugin even if you never need to use it. (I keep the Google Phishing Filter installed for this reason too — it doesn’t intrude, so why run the risk of not having it?) I wonder what the purchase of SiteAdvisor will mean for the service.

The SiteAdvisor site now states that a “basic version” of their service will remain free, while there will also be a pay-for version with “premium features”. What these features will be I don’t know, but it’s good to know that at least some version will remain free.

Hopefully the free version will still be useful and not encumbered with adverts for other McAfee products — otherwise it will end up being a piece of spyware itself, from my point of view!

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