442 - Why-the-Toothpaste-is-Minty-One-

The most popular post for commenting on, at least in recent memory, was the post about toothpaste. When I mention this to others, they say “You wrote, on your website, in front of the whole world about why toothpaste is minty?!” So I wondered why that post was the most interesting. My guess is that it is because, either:

  • It actually is something people are interested in.
  • It’s easier to comment on than other posts, as it’s much more “commentable”; in that, there is a question to the post. As opposed to, say, the music posts which are more “closed”.
  • Minty toothpaste strikes a chord with people.
  • People felt compelled to tell me not all toothpaste is minty (all the flavours sound really odd — cinnamon in particular seems popular — but I may try some one day).

Any other ideas as to why that post got more comments?

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