470 - Interesting things I cannot add to

As I read around the informational quagmire that is the Information Super Highway, I often come across bits and pieces that I want to write about here, things which I feel should be read by as many people as possible.

For some things, I can write a useful commentary which I feel adds something to the linked content in question. Many times, however, I will start to write and realise I’m regurgitating the article’s content. For these stories, articles and entries, I’ve decided to go the path many have treaded before me — start posting link-blogs. Of course, I shall also continue writing proper content — link blogs feel like a cheat to me. Perhaps, therefore, this will be the first of many or a style that, for me, will sink without trace.

  • Read Me First

    Google have implemented an algorithm which tries to prevent google-bombing. Why, you ask? Not to improve their search results but to protect their brand (maybe people were taking it to be Google’s opinion that Bush is a “miserable failure”?)

  • I won’t be happy until I lose my legs

    I find psychological abnormalities a fascinating topic, partly because it is impossible to truly empathise with what the people involved are going through. I found this story particularly affecting, especially if you try to put yourself in the place of the woman’s relatives and husband in addition to the woman herself.

  • Neuro Wine in Old Bottles

    A fascinating insight into how economics and neuroscience are perhaps converging and providing new views on each other’s domains.

  • Working with Data in Windows Vista

    A lighter weight article about what can be done with search in Windows Vista. Windows XP’s search capabilities are woeful compared with nearly everything else, however, it looks like catch-up and more have been achieved in Vista. What will really be interesting in this area is whether Leopard produces some truly new advancements or whether data management is stuck in a “search rut” at the moment.

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