Upping Antes

Looking back through the archives, I can see I used to post more often. In July 2003 alone I posted twenty-seven times, compared to around eight in a good month this year. Partly a function of time available, but also of posting more frivolous things.

I’d like to up the post-frequency here, so perhaps I should take a lesson from my past self and post more frivolous, personal items. As at least half my readership (that’s one of the two, for those keeping count) knows me personally, posts such as these may be of interest.

Oddly, I think I was freer back then with my writings as the site was more anonymous. Now there is an About Me box on the homepage, the posts are syndicated to Facebook and it’s easy to find me on Google. People are also simply more used to the web and take note of personal websites more. The site, though technically always completely public is now practically more public. I suspect this leads me to be a little more coy.

Additionally, more short posts on both technical and non-technical excitements; passing on enthusiasm in a sound bite. I’ve tended towards longer posts, discarding items which only merit a paragraph or two. Long items require time, and sometimes just getting a couple of paragraphs online would be better than writing nothing at all. Short howtos, “I spotted this useful thing” and peeks into other worlds.

Injecting some additional personality here; I don’t make new year’s resolutions, but if I did perhaps this would be one of them.

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