Apple’s Rental Offering is Go (in US, at least)

At MacWorld yesterday, Apple introduced film rentals from the iTunes store, but it’s US only for now. The pricing looks good — $3.99 for new films, $2.99 for older ones — and interesting: it’s variable. I don’t know what Apple’s position on films-to-buy was as we still haven’t received this over in the UK, but Apple are notorious in their single-price model for music.

As for the conditions, most of the details are unsurprising as they are similar to the conditions I wrote about a few weeks ago which other stores offer. I’m pleased that rentals will be offered in both standard and high definitions, so hopefully my Mac Mini will be able to cope with viewing them.

Steve Jobs is supposedly “dying” to get rentals to an international audience, promising a release later this year, so perhaps I shall get to try it out sooner rather than later.

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