Back in my Hands

I finally have some control of my fate again. The domain has passed into the hands of my friend Jason, an able custodian if ever there was one. The previous person looking after the domain for me went missing in action sometime ago, which was rather worrying. Fortunately the domain was renewed last June when it came up for expiry by some mysterious entity. Needless to say, however, having a trusted friend looking after the name for me, able to point it wherever my whim desires, is most relieving.

With power comes responsibility, of course; in this case the responsibility to move away from my current host to one where I have some power, some shell access perhaps, some mongrels to power my site. Yes, I have plans to go back to a database-driven site, powered this time by Ruby on Rails, not so new love of my life1.

A database is such a logical fit to the needs of online posting. My current offline approach makes hard what should be simple; just thinking about comments makes me cry. Taking a more usual approach would allow me to use tools like the sublime Coda to their fullest.

Obviously I shall be creating my own blogging engine, held together by duct tape, duck typing and string. What else could I, a coder, do? Now I’ve spent a few months building sites in Rails, what better time pretend I’m just beginning and jump into the Hello World of Ruby on Rails, a blogging application?

So all you complaining about lack of comments, (yes, both of you!) don’t hold your breath, but be assured before the decade is out you may be able to comment.

1 A girl, any girl, please save me.

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