iSync and w910i - Howto

The Sony Ericsson w910i will not sync with iSync out of the box. This is very annoying! It is possible to get the w910i to work using a plugin for iSync, I found, as follows.

Update: I have found an alternative to the Feisar plugin: a chap named Andreas has written a free iSync plugin for the w910i. I recommend this plugin over the Feisar alternative as it works for me, it’s free and Andreas is planning to release the source code so we can make sure it does nothing nasty.

A site called sell a set of plugins for iSync which allow communication between iSync and several Sony Ericsson phones, the w910i amongst them (it looks like the problem isn’t unique to the w910i). You must buy a separate plugin per phone type, unfortunately, which set you back £1.49 each. Whilst they seemed to offer just what I needed, I couldn’t find any independent information confirming they worked—which I wanted as Feisar don’t look that professional and I am a naturally suspicious person.

I rely upon iSync to keep my phone and mac in sync, so in the end I decided to risk buying one of their plugins. This post is to give someone else in the predicament of trying to get a Sony Ericsson phone to work with iSync the reassurance I could not find: the Feisar plugins do work; for the initial sync it has worked, at any rate.

If things seem to break at a later date, I shall update this post.

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