When Sites Collide

I was reminded today how powerful and world-changing the internet is. I was able to do something that wouldn’t have been possible until very recently: I’ve just found, listened to and watched a singer I’d never heard of an hour ago. This is, when you stop to think about it, simply amazing.

I found out about the group The Gadsdans a few months ago when I heard a song of theirs on 6music Introducing. I went back to their myspace page today to have a listen. Having some time on my hands, I decided to listen to some of the Gadsden’s Friends. The first link I clicked was She Makes War (Hey, I’m a sucker for girls who make music). What a wonderful piece of serendipity this was.

So I listen to and enjoy her songs, which is great on its own. Even better, in addition to her songs, She Makes War has a couple of video blogs, which are hosted on YouTube. This alone is a little piece of joy, as I can now listen to some personal musings and watch a few songs from live sets. Of course, I can also pass this directly on to you by embedding the video into my site:

And the second, with the live tracks:

So lets count up what I’ve been able to do today which wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago:

	1. Find a new artist, She Makes War, via the Friends list of another band;
	1. Listen to several of her songs on myspace;
	1. Read some of her personal thoughts on her personal blog;
	1. Watch a video diary on YouTube;
	1. Watch her play live (again, YouTube);
	1. Tell the world all about her via my blog.

In addition to the ability to do all these things, I find it facinating that it’s several sites being harnessed in concert which makes this quite so special.

Sitting back and pondering this for a few minutes, I’m reminded of why the internet excites me so, and why I do what I do.

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