A Rewarding Film Night

So, you know when sometimes things are hyped up. Of course you do. People say, “OMG, like, you haven’t seen so-and-so?! How is this possible?! I need to tell my kids I was there when a person hadn’t, like, you know, seen so-and-so”. And how, invariably, so-and-so doesn’t live up to such hysteria?

Well. Fight Club is not one of those things. I don’t know if I can forgive the people who, upon discovering I’d not seen it, did not stop it with the “OMG!!”, and did not instead get out their DVD of the film— “I don’t care we’re in a god damned pub, stop THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD: this guy hasn’t seen Fight Club.” —and force me to watch it. Right there. It was that good.

So, to avoid being that person, I don’t care where you are. Stop what you are doing. Leave your desk. I don’t care about your netflix subscription; go to the rental store right now. Get the film. Get a nice bottle of wine. And just watch the thing.

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