I read a lot of longer-form content on my computer, like the articles in…

I read a lot of longer-form content on my computer, like the articles in the Atlantic, so I’m always on the look out for ways to make this reading experience easier. My current weapon of choice is readability, which is a valiant attempt to strip out the dross around the content and to set the content in a way more comfortable to read.

I’m still stuck with a heavy, bulky device though. So we come to the tablet which all sources indicate will be unveiled later today by Apple. The tablets I’ve used in the past have tried hard to replace desktop computers, leading to heavy, bulky devices which are no better than a laptop for reading and worse for everything else. So I hope the tablet:

	- is light and slim;
	- focuses on media consumption (reading, listening and watching) and short-form creation (blog-post length);
	- doesn't try to be a desktop replacement, but a companion;
	- really works with the cloud to make my data ubiquitous and content acquisition simple;
	- has a great, high resolution screen;
	- allows me to control font sizes in reading media, as I find slightly larger than average easier to read;
	- focuses on publications---newspapers and magazines---and finds a way to present them beautifully;
	- doesn't force a subscription model upon me;
	- and, of course, looks great.

I want a real coffee table computer. Let’s cross our fingers and hope.

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