Things I’m not looking forward to in Lion

Going through the whole list, surprisingly few really. But oh so bad.

Full-screen Dashboard: Dashboard now behaves like a full-screen app, always available to the left of your desktop, so all your widgets are just a swipe away.

Big, ugly widgets—one of my least favourite features of any operating system—move out of their hotkey ghetto. I hope you can turn this off, or it’ll be even more annoying than the iPhone’s omnipresent Spotlight screen.

iCal’s New look: iCal features a streamlined new look that gives you more room to browse and edit your events.

This mostly looks good, but for the god-awful torn paper crap going on at the top. What is it with Apple and ugly skeuomorphic rubbish lately? At least its been limited to iCal. For now.

Built into Lion: OS X Lion includes a built-in restore partition, allowing you to repair or reinstall OS X without the need for discs.

There’s another few gig of my disk gone, I guess. Just give me a CD.

And finally, tucked away at the bottom of the Lion “What’s New” page is this little “Cupertino, start your photocopiers” nugget:

Resize from any edge: You can now resize a window from any side or corner.

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