Why and How Google+‘s Interface is Kicking Ass

Why and How Google+’s Interface is Kicking Ass

While I’m still not able to access the application itself, the feedback Google+’s design and experience has been getting seems to beget the term “next generation”.

Every interaction seems to have been thought through and designed until it’s [last] little bits (and those matter as much as the big bits). It even has room for some warmth (like the circle rolling away when you delete it) which is rare for Google’s cold UID approach.

I’m also intrigued by the idea that UX as a profession has now reached the stage where only educated practitioners can spot the aspects of the design which create the difference in feeling between average, good and great.

User Interface Design standards have reached the level of graphic design, industry design and architecture, a level, where only user interface design professionals can discern outstanding work (Google+) from good work (Twitter) and average work (facebook).

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