Divided app submitted

Over the past few months I’ve been building an iPhone application. It’s called Divided, and it’s a more intelligent bill splitting application than the ones I could already find.

In my own words:

Divided is the bill splitting application that doesn’t assume everybody ate the same thing. Tailor the split for your party’s needs, avoid bill issues and go home happy.

Developed to scratch my own itch, I began to think Divided was useful enough to put on the app store. So I spent a couple of months’ worth of spare time polishing the application and bugging my friends to try it out and tell me what they liked and what sucked. I think it’s come out well from this process, with many improvements and generally more praise than suck (at least in later betas).

The basic idea is that of “Adjustments”, which allow you to split the bill more granularly, based on such things as a person paying a few pounds less than the others in the party or someone paying for several people. The little things which make the end of a meal more complex than it ought to be. Divided supports several types of adjustment.

So tonight I submitted it to Apple. I’m a little terrified. But also excited: this is the first app I’ve developed and released for myself in a long time. It’s nice to have the thrill of my own product release again.

Update: Divided is now available on the App Store.

Hopefully available soon Available now!

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