Link: iOS5: Cleaning…

iOS5: Cleaning…

iOS 5 appears to have created a rock and a hard place to place a certain category of applications, among them Instapaper—one of my favourites:

When customers save an article with Instapaper, get a book in iBooks, or download a podcast with Instacast, they expect it to be there next time they launch the app. Even though it’s technically re-downloadable, customers see that as their data—they put it there, and it’s theirs to remove if and when they see fit.

When the cleaner wipes it out, it appears that the app has failed and deleted their data. And customers won’t know that it’s an iOS 5 behavior—they’ll understandably blame the app developers. Even though it’s not our fault, it’s certainly going to become our problem.

Update: Looks like 5.0.1 has added support for just this use-case: re-downloadable content which shouldn’t be subject to “cleaning”.

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