Updates to Drinktrack and One to Watch

I submitted updates for Drinktrack and One to Watch to the App Store today.

In One to Watch, I made a small tweak to how you swap between the lists of watched and unwatched films. I think switching to a segmented control both makes the process simpler and exposes the feature more prominently.

The changes to Drinktrack are more worthwhile:

  • You can now elect to use 0.5% increments of AbV.
  • U.S. measures are included. For U.S. users, they are put at the beginning of the list of measures. For the rest of the world, they’re appended.
  • A few extra measures. 75ml glasses of wine, ⅔ and ⅓ of a pint for fancy-pants craft beer bars.
  • Quicker way to move drinks between days: little buttons to go forward and back.
  • General design tweaks to fit in with iOS 7, which I thought I released ages ago, but it turned out I didn’t. Ooops.

Expect them to be on the App Store within the week.

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