My cafetiere coffee brewing process

This is an abridged version of the Clifton Coffee Company’s brewing guide. The method is the same, I’ve just put it into a form I find easier to refer to.


  • 60g of ground coffee per 1L of water.
  • 2 cups is about 600ml


Grind, weigh and add the coffee grounds to the cafetiere while the kettle boils.

00:00   Kettle boils; let it sit to allow the water to cool slightly.
01:30   Pour the water from the kettle into the cafetiere. Allow coffee to bloom.
02:30   Use a dessert spoon to push the coffee down into the water; a single stir. At this point I usually use leftover water in the kettle to warm the cups.
05:30   Add the lid to the cafetiere, plunge the plunger, serve.

I wrote my own timer app to help with this. The main differentiator is that it counts up rather than down. If you’d pay 69p for such a thing, drop me an email.

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