Sublime QuickNewFile

I wrote a small Sublime Text plugin, QuickNewFile. It tries to mimic the Atom editor’s method of creating new files: show an input box for the filename, create the file. This flips Sublime’s method of creating a blank buffer and later saving it. I found Atom’s worked better for me, and it was about the only thing I missed from Atom when I switched back to Sublime.

The basic features:

  • Can be used to open existing or create new files.
  • Initial directory used is the directory of current active file, falling back to project root then home directory.
  • Tab-based auto-complete for directory. Hit tab multiple times to cycle results.
  • Will create missing directory in the folder tree as needed.

It’s not on Package Control, but it’s simple to clone the repo to your Packages folder (see the readme).

Check out QuickNewFile on GitHub.

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