Link: All Human Systems are Enormous Trash Fires

I enjoyed, and found a kind of solace, in All Human Systems are Enormous Trash Fires.

Realizing this can be revelatory. Once you recognize that all human systems are enormous trash fires, you stop trying to figure out how to switch to a system that isn’t an enormous trash fire, since they don’t exist. Instead, you ask better questions about your current trash fire. Like, “Am I doing everything I can to contain this enormous trash fire, even though I know it will never go out?”; “Do the people in charge recognize that this whole place is an enormous trash fire?”; and, most importantly, “Am I surrounded by a team of firefighters or a team of arsonists?”

We’re imperfect beings in the extreme, and the organisations we create are as often the sum of the imperfections as they are of our better attributes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look to have left things a little better each time we step away.

Leaving the enormous trash fire functioning better, just a bit.

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