Link: The Four Hobbies

Doing the hobby, kitting oneself out for the hobby, and talking about either of them.

Around the end of high school, I started to get really into photography. My friend (let’s call him T) was also into it, which should have been great fun. But it wasn’t. Going shooting with him was never great, for a reason I didn’t figure out till much later. I wanted to take photos. T mostly enjoyed tinkering with cameras. As I’ve spent more time on different hobbies, it’s become clear that this is a common pattern. Every hobby, pastime, or sport, is really four hobbies.

The Four Hobbies, and Apparent Expertise rang true for me. Given I’ve spent time here writing about Neovim, perhaps I focus too much on kit. Although, as I’ve never really mastered Vim, perhaps I’ve an okay balance. That’s what I’ll tell myself 🙃

I think it’s mostly important to be aware the axes exist at all, and to consider — not too often, though — whether you are happy with your position on them.

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