In defense of defensiveness

In defense of defensiveness gently reminds us that even with all our efforts to create psychological safety within teams, work environments are still stalked with other fears which we have little control over at the team level:

Our workplaces are, for the most part, not teeming with the undead. But they are also not entirely safe, either. We can, given enough attention and care, create some relative safety together—and I know a great many people out there doing everything they can to that end. But the reality is that we are always subject to potential harm, whether from each other (through malice or ignorance or both), or whether from those who pull the strings of stock prices and venture capital and hype cycles, heedless of the bodies they leave strewn behind. There is no perfect safety for the living, I’m afraid.

And, on top of that, it also gave me a suggestion for my to-read list, The Steerswoman.

Nice 👌.

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