This program is no longer under active development, but has no known bugs.

Current version: v1.3, released 06/01/2004

dWall is my wallpaper changing app. Rather than using a list of files, dWall uses a list of folders to organise your files. After all, most people keep their wallpapers in a wallpaper folder. Especially when they have enough to need a manager for them!

Keeping wallpapers organised by folder also makes for an instant system of classification, making it easier to locate the wallpaper you are after.

This program has not been tested on Windows Vista. If you have tried it, I'd love to hear from you.

Download (~398k) (Requires Windows 9x, 2000 or XP)


Known Bugs

Active Desktop/Show Desktop As Webpage
If you have Active Desktop (Win9x) or Show Desktop as Webpage (XP/2k) options turned on (right click desktop and use menu to see if this is the case), you may need to refresh the desktop (right click - refresh) before a change of wallpaper in dWall will display. To fix this, disable Active Desktop/Show Desktop as Webpage.


Key : + New Feature | * Bug Fixed | - Feature Refined


  • * Fixed bug where Apply Options were not being picked up


  • + Can now use network folders


  • + PNG image support.
  • * Fixed a crash when you try to apply a wallpaper whose format is not supported.


  • + Can use F2 to rename files and folders.
  • + Escape now closes main window.


Mini recode due to the loss of some custom components used in the interface. Hence I changed the version number to version 1, as it's a no-known-bugs version. I also added and modified features to implement all the little things that had cropped up during day-to-day use.

  • + Subfolders now supported.
  • + 'Apply Options...' feature extended to support folders as well as image files.
  • + TreeView now used to display wallpapers.
  • + Wallpapers organised by name, rather than just how they are ordered by Windows.
  • + Can refresh folders. F5 for current folder, Shift-F5 for whole tree.
  • + When wallpapers are resized on applying, aspect ratio is now maintained.
  • + Preview image keeps aspect ratio.
  • + Can now edit paths for folders.
  • + No longer have to restart dWall for changes in wallpaper timer to be enacted.
  • + Folders display their path in the statusbar when selected and active status.
  • + Can now traverse wallpapers with keyboard, and preview updates itself.
  • - Entire interface recoded using more standard window components.
  • - Altered menu drawing routine to take account of caption width.
  • * Fixed memory leak in Random wallpaper changing.
  • * Went through code fixing all the little bugs people have pointed out.
  • * Fixed bug with sizing of options form.


  • - New menu style, XP Style.
  • - Misc bug fixes.


  • +You can now set icon colours for each wallpaper. Right click the wallpaper list and click Apply Options...
  • + You can sort the order folders are listed in the Folder List.
  • * Bug where wallpaper size in relation to the screen was not calculated properly.
  • - Made the drop down list for wallpapers longer before it starts to scroll because it was bugging me.


  • + Added Context Menu handlers.


  • + Ctrl + Alt + C Change Wallpaper global hotkey added.
  • + Drawing the menus myself. Might add someway of you doing it later.
  • + Size aswell as percentage is shown in Smaller tab of options dialog.
  • + Enable / disable wallpaper changing timer by the tray menu.
  • * Fixed bug whereby deformation checkbox wasn't taken account of, always seen to be true.


  • + More information given in the staus bar, including the amount of deformation to help with figuring how to set your deformation.
  • + Timer for changing your wallpaper automatically after a set interval, aswell as at startup.
  • * Fixed the fact that the wallpaper sliders for smaller were set up the wrong way round. If you've discovered the bug, you'll know what I mean :)


  • + Resizing extended to take acount of the area of your wallpaper and desktop rather than only the width.
  • + You can now set the maximum deformation that dWall should allow your wallpapers to be put through.


  • + Resizing of wallpapers based on percentage of desktop (uses width only at the moment).
  • - Moving wallpapers now removes them from the current list, rather than you having to refresh the list manually.


  • Initial release.