The dx13 Programs

In a Previous Life

  • Miso
    Temporarily prevent Windows from starting the screensaver or putting the display to sleep. This is useful when watching video which doesn't prevent the screensaver kicking in, like YouTube, online lectures or 4OD.
  • ShellOn v2
    The previous version of my shell manager. Some people prefer this version, so here it is.
  • ShellOn v3
    The current incarnation of my Win32 shell manager.
  • dWall
    My wallpaper managing program.
  • dClock
    A cool looking clock for you desktop.
  • SharpE
    A win32 shell that I used to code for. An excellent shell if ever there was one.
  • bluefunk
    A music player for Linux written in C#. Development stopped when I realised there were far better music players in existence and creating yet another one was a little silly.
  • dBackup
    A simple, fast backup program.
  • dCD
    Small, basic, fast CD player.
  • dRun
    Small, basic, (you guessed it!) fast run prompt.